Writing on Mote

Co-write, for real.

Narrative chat offers an opportunity to writing collaborators to work in real-time developing their work, exploring characters, building scen es, and getting first drafts written.

Collaboration made easy

Writing in a group is a powerful way to harness multiple perspectives and styles. Mote’s unique design makes it an ideal tool for bringing writers together and giving them the freedom to explore plot, ch aracter, dialogue, and setting in dynamic text.

No privileged POV

Every writer in a Mote story sees the story from their unique perspective, which means when the session is over you can see the action through each character's eyes.

Get into the groove

Playing Mote is like making music with a band: every time you tell with people you, learn more about their style and rhythm. Eventually, you get into a groove that let's the storytelling just happen.

Unblocked creativity

Mote combines performance with writing in a new way that compels writers to engage with the text freely. Suddenly, putting down the story becomes playful and fun, and we get out of our own way and enjoy the ride.

Good bones

Mote Studio lets you embed custom card decks into stories. Plan out the structure of your session ahead of time, then fill it in as a group using narrative chat. Coming Soon

Always in the moment

Mote is designed so that the story always moves forward. There’s no pausing to scroll up or endlessly rewrite the phrase you just committed.

What stories will you tell?

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