It’s telling...

The words we use.

The worlds we create.

The characters we love.

The loves we lose.

The tales we twist.

The choices we regret.

The friends we betray.

The people we invite, and the roles we play.

The promises we keep, and the ones we refuse to make.

Stories tell us who we are.

When we tell stories together, it tells us even more.

Mote is a text-centered, real-time storytelling platform that magically weaves what you and your friends write into a living story.

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Writing becomes playing.


Whether the game rides on the turn of a phrase or the roll of a die, Mote helps you bring story games and TTRPGs to life in text.

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Escape with your friends into your favorite characters and worlds, all while writing a new chapter in their story.

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Collaborate with other writers to develop and workshop characters, settings, scripts, and even new works of fiction.

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Use Mote’s built-in creative tools to plan, design, and create story games to embed in your stories. Then, share them so anyone can play your game on Mote.

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How to tell a story on Mote

Mote is easy to learn and fun to master.

Mote's notation starts out simple, and gets more complex depending on what kind of material you want to add to your stories. There are many ways to play Mote, and part of the fun is exploring what’s possible with your friends. Check out our learning site for the full picture.

How Mote works

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Our growing Discord community is the best place to learn tips and tricks and ask questions. It’s where we announce our product features first, where we publish playtests for new games, and where we get ideas for how to improve the platform from our players.

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What stories will you tell?

Mote is in open beta. Sign up and play for free!

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