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Narrative chat

Mote uses a unique technology that weaves what you and your friend write into a living story.

Story notation

By using a simple notation system, players share their intent with the platform, which then organizes, edits, and combines what they write. There are basic concepts that are simple to grasp, and more advanced notations that take a little practice to perfect.

Chat becomes dialogue in your story.

If you know how to chat, you’re halfway to mastering the basics of Mote.

Emotes show what you do and feel.

Just a simple phrase can bring your character to life.

There’s more than one side to any story.

Each player sees the tale unfold from their character’s unique perspective.

Story mechanics

Mote has built-in automation and performance tools that make it easier to craft rich, immersive worlds in which to tell your story.


If you find yourself playing na NPC, critter, or even an effect frequently, summon it as a Pet and easily play from its point of view.


Record emotes ahead of time using Moods, then play them back during a session to automatically add background and atmosphere to your play.

What stories will you tell?

Mote is in open beta. Sign up and play for free!

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