Gaming on Mote

Playing with words.

Mote transports story games and TTRPGs onto the page, capturing your group’s adventures as though they were being written in a magical book. Every pivotal decision, intimate moment, epic act, and lamentable folly is created by you and your friends, and presented in real time into a narrative that you write as you play.

The first native online environment for story games.

Narrative chat is the only way to play online that captures the improvisational and spontaneous feel of story games, while centering the story you’re writing together.

Pick up and play

Playing story games designed for in-person play on Mote usually requires little-to-no adaptation.

GM optional

Mote’s collaborative focus makes playing without a GM easier than ever. Each player takes on equal responsibility to move the story forward.

Improv made easy

Our unique design helps players stay in the moment and immersed in the story, and makes the improv part of story gaming feel better than ever.

TTRPGs made into epics

On Mote, your campaign is anchored by the storytelling, giving your players a flexible, text-centered environment that makes roleplaying and storytelling more fun than ever.

Bring out the bard

Mote makes it feel easy to roleplay, giving players of every ability and comfort-level permission to engage more with the storytelling.

Epic session notes

When you tell your campaign’s story on Mote, remembering what happened last session is as easy as reading a short story.

Manage your campaign

Plan, prepare, and play campaigns using built-in GM and campaign management tools. Coming Soon

Made for Mote

Mote’s original games are made by award-winning writers and designers specifically to be played using Mote. All Mote games are free to download and play.

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The Spirit of Camp Pinewood by Aaron A. Reed Soul Spectres: Gotta Love ’Em All by Sharang Biswas As Per Your Instructions by Yeonsoo Julian Kim Over Easy by Julian K. Jarboe Tidal Heist by Avery Alder

What stories will you tell?

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